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Ja disa nga gratë më të guximshme të 2015, sipas Bazaar

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Ato nuk janë vetëm të famshme, por në të njëjtën kohë edhe shumë të guximshme. Bazaar ka publikuar listen e grave më të guximshme për vitin 2015 emrin e të cilave e mësojmë bashkë:

Megyn Kelly

Kur e pyetën spikeren e lajmeve të “Fox”, Meynn Kelly a ka rrezikuar ndonjeherë në jetë, ajo u përgjigj se ka marrë shumë risqe dhe e ka ndjerë se do ia dilte mbanë.”Të heqësh dorë nga nga puna si avokate e njohur, për të ndjekur pasionin e televizionit mund të konsiderohet si një nga aventurat më të mëdha, për spikeren e lajmeve Megyn Kelly. “Ti mund të jesh shumë e aftë në një profesion, por kur ai s’të bën të lumtur atëherë është kot”, ka thënë Kelly.

Fox News AnchorWhat scares you? Professionally, nothing. My job is what I do, not who I am, so the thought of screwing up and losing it holds relatively little power over me. Do you consider yourself daring? I've taken big risks in my life, but I knew at heart they would work out. Is that daring? I think not. What's been your most daring move? Stepping away from my successful career as a lawyer at a top-notch firm for a television job that paid $17,000 a year, inspired by the following realization: Just because you're good at something doesn't mean it makes you happy. What's the most daring thing you've ever done on TV? I think the readers can figure that one out.

Julianne Moore dhe Ellen Page

Aktoret Julianne Moore dhe Ellen Page kanë intepretuar sëbashku në filmin “Freeheld”, rolin e një çifti  femrash lezbike. “ Kur isha 21 vjeç mu dha traileri i filmit, i thashë e përlotur “po”, sepse isha shumë e lidhur me këtë rol edhe për shkak të prirjeve të mia në jetën private”, ka thënë Ellen.

Freehold Costars"I'm emotionall fearless but not physically," Julianne Moore says of her boldest recent feat: diving into a pool. Moore, who has given some of Hollywood's most dauntless performances, stars in Freeheld, based on the true story of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree, a same-sex couple whose case to have Hester's pension benefits transferred to Andree when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer blazed a trail for gay rights nationwide. "It was intense, her first role as an out woman," says Moore of costar Ellen Page, who came out publicly in 2014. Page was introduced to Hester and Andree's story through the 2007 documentary that inspired the film—and which Page counts as a catalyst behind her own coming out. "When I was 21, I was shown the documentary trailer and asked to be involved. In tears, I said yes. It was a tough time; I was closeted, publicly but also personally." Now, Page hopes to see more gay narratives on-screen. "If every part I played was gay from now on, I'd be fine with it," she says, laughing. Who else is daring? "Lily Tomlin!" Moore exclaims. As for dressing to dare, "lately that means Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci makes you feel cutting-edge and beautiful."

Monica Lewinsky

Për aktivisten e të drejtave sociale, Monica Leëinsky janë të guximshëm ata njerëz që thonë të vërtetat e tyre dhe që përballen me drejtësinë. Historia e saj e ish Presidentin e Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, Bill Clinton, e bëri Monicën pjesë të mediave rozë dhe sigurisht që kjo e trishtoi shumë edhe nënën e saj dhe frikësoi deri në vdekje tregon Monika.

Social ActivistWho is daring? People who speak their truth and fight injustice. (Also, my next boyfriend!) What helped you confront the public eye when you did? After living in the shadows for more than a decade, it was a confluence of events. One was my experience around the tragic suicide of college freshman Tyler Clementi, who had been outed and publicly ridiculed online. Seeing my mom relive the fear she experienced in 1998 that I would be humiliated to death opened my eyes to how the world had changed with the advent of social media. No longer was public humiliation just for public figures. Simultaneously it became clear to me that it was time to take back my narrative. The TED Talk I gave in March was an opportunity to expand on some themes I touched on in my Vanity Fair essay and my Forbes speech. I worked harder on it than my master's thesis! That it has resonated with people and has been shown in some classrooms made facing every fear I had about it worthwhile. What's a time that you took the daring path? January 16, 1998: I faced a choice between a guarantee of not going to jail versus doing the right thing. I was 24. In an FBI sting related to Ken Starr's investigation of the Clinton administration, I was offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for cooperation, which meant wearing a wire in face-to-face meetings and making monitored phone calls, both targeting President Clinton, his best friend, and his secretary. I refused.

Kate McKinnon

Për komedianen Kate Mc Kinnon guxim janë padyshim rolet e saj në skenë, por një moment shumë i guximshëm për të ka qenë një biopsi që ajo ka bërë për skalpin e kokës, por gjithashtu edhe një udhëtim që ajo kishte bërë me motorin e saj e vetme, teksa binte në stuhi shiu në Aruba.

Comedienne, Saturday Night Live cast member, and star of next year's Ghostbusters adaptionDaring moment: I'd like to think I'm daring in some of the things I'm willing to do onstage, but the most daring thing I've done in real life is consent to a scalp biopsy.Also, I once took a bike ride in the middle of a heavy heavy rainstorm on the side of a highway in Aruba. Did I cry the entire time? Sure. Fear factor: When I am scared I take to Web MD and really go to town. I have memorized the major symptoms of most human diseases. Nerves of steel: I get horribly nervous backstage, so I convince myself that what I'm about to do will be the worst human performance ever captured and will bring great shame and eternal humiliation to myself and my loved ones. Then if it's even slightly better than that, I'm thrilled.

Nikki Haley

Një ndër gratë që tregon eksperiencën e saj të guximshme është edhe guvernatorja e Karolinës së Jugut, Nikki Haley.  Sipas saj guxim është jo vetëm vizioni i qartë që njerëzit të të ndjekin, por edhe vendimet që një politikan merr duhet më pas të ketë aftësinë t’ua komunikojë njerëzve.

South Carolina GovernorAfter the devastating shooting in Charleston, you called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. Why then? We were in survival mode, and I needed to protect the people of my state. The flag is personal for a lot of people, and it's not that they're racists; to them, the flag is a sign of pride, bravery, and their ancestors' sacrifices. But to others it's a sign of pain. The biggest concern was how to communicate the issue in a way that got people to step into someone else's shoes. South Carolina deserves a lot of credit for realizing why it was part of our past but didn't need to be part of our future. What makes for a daring politician? Being bold enough to have a vision and follow through. For an elected official, that means not just making decisions but the ability to communicate why. You've marked a lot of firsts in politics as the first woman in your position, the youngest current governor, and the daughter of immigrants. Who inspires you? My mom, who was one of the first female judges in India. She always said that can't is not an option.

Jemimma Kirke

Piktorja Jemima Kirke thotë se guxim është kur një grua nuk e lejon shoqërinë të mendoj si ata, kur nuk jep llogari për sjelljet e saj, kur nuk pyet si të dashurojë, si të sillet apo edhe si të jetë e suksesshme.

Painter and Girls actressWho is daring? Any woman who doesn't let society tell her how to think, what to think, what to look like, how to parent, how to behave, how to fuck, how to love, how to talk, how to succeed. Truth or dare? I always pick truth. I find it much more daring.



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